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Alice Lakwena led the Holy Spirit Forces to overthrow the government of Yoweri Museveni in 1987 but she was defeated. She fled to Kenya where she now lives as a refugee. Alice Lakwena killed thousands of sons and daughters of Acholi.
  Yoweri Museveni started a rebel group NRA in 1981 tp overthrow the government of Milon Obote. He never succeeded in overthrowing Obote. But his luck arrived in 1985 when Lt. Gen. Bazillio Okello and Gen.Tito Okello overthrew Obote.

Museveni pretended he was talking peace with Tito in Nairobi while his forces continued to fight in Kampala. He took over power in 1986 and has been in power since then ruling the country with his one party "Movement System."

Brig.Otti Lagony is the operations commander of Kony's LRA. He is the most feared. He is seen here video-recording the peace talks process organized by local religious leaders. The talks just like any other in the history of the war, flopped.   Joseph Kony started his rebellion in 1987 just where Alice Lakwena had left. Kony has abducted over 20,000 children from northern Uganda, half of which have died or disappeared. He has killed and maimed thousands and the USA has listed his Lord's Resistance Army, LRA, as an international terrosrist group. Kony is supported by the government of Gen.Omar El-Bashir of Sudan.
The UPDF overall intelligence officer in charge of Operation Iron Fist in northern Uganda, Lt. Col. Otema Awany.

Awany has been accused for using his position to crush on opposition to the government including the shooting to death of one Peter Oloya last year. Peter Oloya was part of the 21 political prisoners arrested by the government and detained at Gulu prison.

Awany is said to have ordered the prisoners removed from the civil prison and taken to Gulu Military barracks. In the process, Oloya was killed by the government army. His colleagues are still in military detention upto now. Awany is most feared in Gulu town.

  Field Marshal, Idi Amin Dada, former Ugandan president seen here in an old photo playing with his son. Amin is now ailing in a Saudi Arabian hospital. But his legacy remains unhealed. He killed tens of thousands of the Acholi and about 500,000 all together in his 9-year stay in power.Ugandans and the rest of the world have never brought Amin to justice to account for his deeds.
Milton Obote former Prime Minister and President of Uganda.   Late Gen. Tito Okello,former president of Uganda.

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